Shamwari Group

Shamwari Group

The world renowned Shamwari Group has been a pioneering leader in wildlife safaris, conservation and hospitality for over 20 years.

Our Mantra is Conserving a Vanishing Way of Life and together with our dedicated Wildlife, Conservation and Operational teams at all our lodges, we strive to maintain not only a high standard of hospitality and service ethics, but also a superior safari and wilderness experience for all our guests.

The Group takes its name from the Shona term for ‘friend’ and from the original, award winning Shamwari Game Reserve, situated in South Africa’s Eastern Cape region.

With far-sighted vision and unquenchable passion, the group has grown to include iconic wildlife reserves in South Africa designed to complement their breathtaking surroundings.

Eagles Crag Lodge – Shamwari Game Reserve

Long Lee Manor – Shamwari Game Reserve

Riverdene Lodge – Shamwari Game Reserve

Sarili Lodge – Shamwari Game Reserve

Bayethe Tented Lodge – Shamwari Game Reserve

Lobengula Lodge – Shamwari Game Reserve

Explorer Camp at Shamwari