#Gr8SA Trip Update: Exploring Cape Town

#Gr8SA Trip Update: Exploring Cape Town

It’s a pretty awesome thing to wake up at the foot of Table Mountain. Our #Gr8SA team from South African Airways Vacations was pretty much in awe at how beautiful it looked when we woke up after our first night in the Mother City. After a wonderful al fresco breakfast at the Taj Cape Town, we headed out on a Cape Peninsula tour.

CapePtOur expert guide, Jeremy, joined us along the route. We started by driving to Hout Bay, where we stopped to admire how incredibly beautiful it was. There was a bit of fog still burning off, but it added an interesting element to the scene. Then we continued to Chapman Peak, the Cape of Good Hope and Cape Point, where currents from the Atlantic Ocean to the west meet currents from the Indian Ocean from the east. Pretty impressive stuff!

PenguinsFrom there we headed to Boulders Beach to see the African Penguins, which was something several members of the team were most excited to see. They were incredibly cute (both the penguins and our staff – we’re talking pure glee). A bit farther down the beach we dipped our feet in the ocean to cool off. We found the weather varied drastically from point to point – one moment the overcast sky combined with wind coming off the ocean left us shivering. The next, we were baking in the warm sun and enjoying ice cream and a quick run into the ocean to cool us. It is summertime in the Southern Hemisphere, which is a great escape for those of us looking to ditch a cold winter in North America.

We stopped by one of our partner properties, Protea’s Fire and Ice! Cape Town, which was fun. The staff has a good time there and made us feel very welcome. We also enjoyed a fabulous lunch at their restaurant before heading off to meet our partners at Tour d’Afrique, the company we work with “on the ground” in Africa. It’s always fantastic to see them face-to-face when we work with them every day from the U.S.

Next up: the Cape Winelands