The Delicious “Dish” On Durban

The Delicious “Dish” On Durban

One thing Culinarians, Foodies and just downright adventurous travelers have in common is our tendency to plan our vacations around what we will be eating when we get there. When I learned a few short months ago that part of my time in South Africa was going to be taking me to Durban as well, my foodie brain started doing a dance of joy!

Durban is one of those unique melting pot destinations that not only does a few niche cuisines incredibly well but also dabbles successfully in nearly everything else. Whether you are seeking African, Indian, Mediterranean, European, Traditional Afternoon High Tea or other inspired menus, this vibrant coastal city is offering it.

sunrise and pier

One highlight during the all too short stint here included a very memorable luncheon at The Sugar Club located in the iconic Beverly Hills Hotel, Umhlanga.

To accompany the exceptional level of service and incredible Indian Ocean Views, diners also get to experience a myriad of food cultures within one menu and all are represented exceptionally well. The seafood is top-notch, but the dedicated staff was not afraid to reveal that their curry is a firm favorite, having evolved lovingly over the last 50 years in their kitchen.

And speaking of curry….what would a visit to Durban be without a visit to a spice market? The Victoria Street Market is a well-known and heavily visited destination by tourists. If you are looking for more of the spice and less of the crafts, be sure to check out where the locals go: The Spice Emporium. After a solid hour here, and a mere $15 USD, I will be recreating ‘Bunny Chows’ and living the good curry life for a solid year to come!