True or False Bay?

True or False Bay?

When traveling to South Africa, the majority of tourists take a tour around the Cape Peninsula, in Cape Town, South Africa. This full-day tour is full of history and beauty and it is sure to take your breath away! Here is an idea of what you will find along the way.

The first stop on is tour was Camps Bay. This affluent suburb of Cape Town, known for its fine, pearlescent white sand, brings visitors yearning for a warm day on the beach. The Bay sits below the Twelve Apostles Mountains and is full of activities and nightlight.

Hout Bay is surrounded by mountains to the north, east, and west. It is one of the busiest fishing harbors in the Western Cape. Because of this, most of the locals are fishermen or have harbor related jobs. Periodically, you will see a fishing boat pull away from the dock and make its way out for the day’s catch. The town is also full with markets selling local arts and crafts.

A tourist favorite, The Cape of Good Hope, is the southernmost point of the Cape Peninsula. It was previously believed to be the southernmost point of the continent, but it has since been corrected, giving that title to Cape Agulhas. This point was critical for explorers and seamen in the expedition days, but it is also home to at least 250 bird species.

Cape Point is home to two lighthouses, one of which is still in use today. The old lighthouse was found difficult to see in certain weather conditions, causing shipwrecks nearby on Bellows Rock. Because of this, a new lighthouse was built and is fully operational.

Perhaps the most entertaining of stops, Boulders Beach, is home to the African Penguins. The penguins settled here in 1982 and are only found in South Africa and Namibia. The soft, white sand found at Boulders Beach, along with the cutest penguins, brings in 60,000 people annually. During the summer months, you’ll see visitors paddle boarding, swimming, or climbing over the rock pools.

A stop which is particularly interesting is False Bay. In 1488, a Portuguese explorer, Bartholomeu Diaz, led the first European expedition around the Cape of Good Hope in search of the Indian Ocean. Diaz and his men traveled to the point, anchored in what they thought was Table Bay, and celebrated their success! Unbeknownst to them, Diaz had confused Cape Point and Cape Hangklip, which are similar in form, putting him in a false location. Cape Hangklip eventually got the name of Cape Falso and the bay was named appropriately as False Bay. False Bay is the largest true bay in South Africa and is home to many different villages.

Overall, the Cape Peninsula is full of so much beauty. It is definitely a main attraction for visitors spending time in Cape Town.

By: Lacy Hill, Africa Specialist