Ultimate Safari Food

Ultimate Safari Food

One of the greatest things about going on a cruise to the Caribbean is the food. We have all heard about how amazing cruise food is or even how remarkable food is at an all-inclusive resort in Mexico or Jamaica is, but what about the food on a Big 5 safari? Is it cooked over a camp fire? Do you eat strange meats? These were all questions I once had about the safari food.

Firstly did you know most the safari lodges we offer in South African Airways Vacations tour packages are “all-inclusive”? They operate on what is known as “Full-board plus Activities”. The meal plan is very similar to a cruise and simply means that meals, snacks, and beverages such as tea and coffee are included in the rate. Many lodges also include house wine and beer making it a truly “All-inclusive” experience. It is best to ask your travel consultant exactly what is included in your stay.
So what is the food like on safari? Well, I think you will find that there is no shortage of food while on a safari. A typical day on safari would be waking up early and meeting in the lobby area for tea, coffee, scones, and cookies. Don’t worry if you can’t get enough of those delicious earlier morning scones (also known as biscuits in South Africa), because you will typically have an opportunity for an early morning tea and coffee break while on your morning safari drive. Once you arrive back from your early morning game drive, breakfast will be waiting.
After breakfast, you will be given some time to relax before meeting up for a delicious lunch. Served family style with fresh salads and small bits of local South African favorites such as Bobotie or Sosoties plus tea, coffee, and desserts follow. After all that food many guest may want to stretch their legs a bit and decide to take a walking safari. If you decide not to go on a walking safari, maybe spend your afternoon relaxing by the pool or schedule a spa appointment. Just make sure you are back in time for afternoon tea time before you embark on your evening game drive.

One of the biggest treats on a safari game drive is the sundowners, besides catching a glimpse of the elusive leopard this may be the highlight of the day. Just as the sun is setting over the contentment of Africa, you pull over and watch the sunset while enjoying fine South African wine, beer, or cocktails. Of course, you will also enjoy delicious South African treats such as Biltong (South African beef jerky). After you return to your lodge, you are met with a delicious dinner.

Dinner on Safari is part dinner part event, the boma dinner consists of open air dining, surrounding a huge bonfire. You will never see stars so bright as over the African Bush while the stars are great the food just might be better. While I was on safari last month, our dinners consisted of some of the best Filet Mignon I have ever had, coupled with some of the best South African Pinotage I have ever had. For dessert, key lime pie.

So there you have it the safari food just may be the best part of the trip, and we hope it will be just as memorable as your safari experience. If you are interested in some of the recipes from our partner hotels and lodges, check them out HERE.